Our brand, Mint Print, was launched in August 2001. Since then, the business has grown significantly, thanks to our loyal customers who are the driving force of the small but dynamic Mint Print family. Originally, we began trading in Birmingham but we now supply to customers across the UK and worldwide, thanks to recommendations from satisfied service users. At Mint Print, we believe in putting the interests and needs of the customer ahead of our own. This approach has established strong and unique professional relationships, enabling us to create a portfolio of clients who are trusted and loyal. This gives us tremendous pride and satisfaction. We don’t claim to be perfect, absolutely not. That is why we greatly value the feedback and suggestions from customers giving us the opportunity to add value to our existing products and services. It’s simple: without loyal customers, we would not exist. 

All of our printed stationery such as business cards, folders, brochures, posters, NCR’s are printed in house at our warehouse in Birmingham. We also have a design studio and manufacturing facility in India that allows us to create eye catching products. Having our facilities in India means not only being competitive but also allowing us to create special finishing techniques that are very expensive to produce in the UK. Many question the costs of shipping but this is not the case with Mint Print as Importing regular containers allows us to keep our costs down. We have negotiated special rates by Air for those customers who want their delivery quick. 

Why Should I choose Mint Print?

When there is so much choice it can often become frustrating on how to select the right company for you. It’s very important for any company to know someone will always be there to answer your queries or any questions you have at any point.

We keep to our promises.We consistently deliver on time. We give customers choice and help them in making their final decisions when choosing products. We are competitively priced and offer high quality products and services. We understand our customers are busy and want a hassle free service. We believe that word-of-mouth is by far the most powerful form of advertising, proof of which is our sustained and thriving brand, Mint Print. Furthermore, in today’s society reviews have become a major factor in making decisions hence our google reviews speak for themselves.

So, without delay, consider placing your order with us and we pledge to provide you with the best deal, best customer experience and ultimately the best product.