Custom Made Rigid Boxes

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We do not stock rigid boxes, we specialise in creating bespoke Rigid boxes to your specific product in whatever size you require them in. Rigid Boxes are the pinnacle of paper-based packaging for luxury products. If your product is high end and your looking for something that will catch the eye then a Rigid box is what you need. Rigid boxes are not particularly cheap but the end results that can be achieved are phenomenal especially with the high end print finishes we can achieve such as met pet printing, foiling & SPOT UV with further effects like drip offs and window patching.

All we need from you is the actual product, we can then work on the concept of the box. Alternatively fill out the form above and we shall come back to you as soon as we can. We produce digital prototypes showcasing our proposals. We work till you are happy with what you see. Once your happy with the initial concept stage we then move onto designing the box for you with your branding. Once the design has completed we then produce an actual prototype for you to examine. Once your happy with everything we then manufacture the boxes. 

So, please call us now on 0121 430 3319, alternatively you can email us and we will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have.

Rigid Boxes generally used for custom retail packaging are a very common type of packaging and they are often associated with luxury products like the iphone box, board games or a luxury chocolate box. 


At mint print we create and design your product packaging boxes by understanding what it is exactly that you hope to achieve by going down the rigid box route.

There are several benefits of having rigid boxes including:

  • Added protection compared to cheaper folding cartons
  • Much more durable both in appearance and material
  • They radiate quality and thus lends an added sense of quality to the product
  • Easier handling
  • Nice and smooth exterior surfaces that feel fine to touch
  • Look amazing at retail stores especially with the types of finishes were able to produce
  • Reusability
  • Their ability to be covered in multiple textures, including papers, leathers or fabrics.

We produce prototypes for you to approve, we then create the design, once your happy we go on to produce.

Please do reach out to us for any bespoke packaging requirement you might have, be it custom rigid boxes or custom corrugated boxes, we cater for all kinds of packaging requirements.