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Artwork Guidelines

At Mint Print, we accept files in PDF , EPS , TIFF , JPEG and Corel Draw (although our preferred format would be PDF) formats for maximum error prevention. By following our submission guidelines, accurate reproduction of your files is ensured and your job will find its way into the workflow smoothly.

To help submit your artwork please follow some of our simple artwork guidelines:

Convert all RGB / Pantone images and swatches to CMYK colour mode. By selecting this colour mode it will show a closest match of what will come off the press. Colours in the RGB or Pantones can be out with the capabilities of CMYK printing, and can often be interpreted incorrectly at the file ripping stage, meaning murky or dark colours where you had bright vivid colours on screen.

Any black text should be made up of 100% black rather than being made up of CYMK, this eliminates all the four colours sitting on top of each other leading to possible smudges and off register.

Colour proofs - due to differences in equipment, paper, inks and other conditions between colour proofing and production runs, variation in colour between colour proofs and the completed job will be deemed acceptable unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Please convert all text to outlines/vectors. Why? Missing images and fonts mean bad news! Low resolution image previews and alternative fonts come in place of your selected images and fonts making artwork a real mess!

All artwork should have 3mm of bleed around all edges (please refer to diagram below if unsure). This is critical as room is needed to allow for movement in trimming and folding etc. This artwork bleed edge allows colour to ‘bleed’ off the edges of the page and not mean harsh white edges when trimmed.

Please allow 5.5mm of ‘safe space’ in your artwork. This area should not include any text or vital information as it is too close to the page edges.

If possible include crop marks as this gives us the guidelines as to where you are expecting the artwork to be trimmed.

ALL Artwork would be preferred with individual pages in one PDF. For example an A5 32 page brochure would have 32 individual pages in one PDF or a A5 4pp leaflet would consist of one PDF with 4 pages. 

We are confident that by following the guidelines above, the print process will run smoothly and will cause less errors leading to quicker turnaround time.

Invest in good design

Artwork that has come from professionals who know how to set up artwork for print helps ensure optimal results. Our in-house designers can help! 

What we need from you to create your design?
If you have a clear idea of what you are looking for then please provide us with a full description. This can also be in the form of a image that you have seen online or even a photo of a specific design you have seen. This will help us to understand what you are looking for.

Equally, if your brief is open ended and you'd just like our designers to come up with something for you then the more information you can provide to us the more we can help you come up with a suitable design that matches with what you are looking for.

Information that can really help us get close to what you are looking for first time include existing designs, photos or images of something you have seen and you very much like, backgrounds, purpose of your print, what type of clients are you hoping to target (target market), colours and specifications & descriptions that are to go in your design. If there is any other type of information you feel will help us achieve what your looking for then please feel free to share.

How do I get my artwork to Mint Print?

There are various ways to get your artwork to us, and we have preferences which fit our workflow ensuring your job is received at production swiftly. Under 10mb? Email If your file(s) to, please include with your artwork, PO, full details of the job, including quantity, size, material, finishing, deadline and delivery address with your order. Over 10mb? MailBigFile for files larger than 10mb in size, please include with your artwork, PO, full details of the job, including quantity, size, material, finishing, deadline and delivery address with your order.


Should time permit, we can accept DVDs/CDs with artwork files or USB sticks via post to Mint Print, Rovex Business Park, Hay Hall Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2AG and including all the relevant job details. We will return any DVDs/CDs or USB's if requested and if a return address is provided.

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