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Cake Boxes

We often hear from potential customers that its not worth the money to have custom printed cake boxes because in the end it goes in the bin. Agreed, it does go in the bin but then why would the likes of mainstream bakeries and fast food outlets spend huge amounts in having custom printed packaging and boxes?

Consumers recognise brands and companies from their branding, image of their product(s) and packaging. Hence, this is the importance of creating a strong brand. What would our perception be if we received a cake in a plain white box opposed to a designed box?

In the same way a deliciously baked cake packaged with an eye catching box represents quality. To show the true beauty and elegance of your cake you require packaging that compliments your skills.

If you are ready to take that step in buying cake packaging boxes and have Mint Print as your cake box supplier, then all we need from you is the green light to proceed. We will fully design & personalise your bakery boxes in whatever shape or size you need them in and we will only print once you are fully satisfied with the design. If you have specific requirements we are only a phone call away, even if it is just for information, we will be glad to hear from you!


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